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Chinese and British passport travel advice

My daughter has both a Chinese and British passport having received the British passport recently and had the Chinese passport for a while. I've heard about people in situations where children have a ...
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Travelling with my partner and child - child has different nationality/passport

My partner and I (British nationals) are travelling to the Republic of Ireland with our son, who was born in Canada and holds a Canadian passport. Will this cause any issues when we board a plane? We ...
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How Long is Entry in Singapore Usually?

I’m a British Citizen. How long is the standard default tourist entry for into Singapore? Or how long can I usually stay for on these trips? I cannot find this detail pretty much on nor on ...
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Can I enter the UK using my British Citizenship certificate without having a British passport?

I have recently just naturalised as a British citizen, however, it will take 7-10 weeks to get a British passport in which I would have to send my current Australian passport and Citizenship ...
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Traveling UK to USA Tomorrow ( left Greencard in USA)

I'm a British citizen who resides in the USA, packing now and realize I've come here without my Greencard. I did this once before and the airline was quite relaxed ( I'm Executive Platinum and first ...
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What airlines offer complimentary alcohol from Ireland to the U.S.?

I'm planning on travelling to California in August/autumn of this year after I receive my COVID vaccine. I know the flight will be long so I'm looking for an airline that offers free alcohol. I've ...
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