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Flying in and out and transiting through Logan International Airport (IATA code: BOS) serving Boston, Massachusetts USA.

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Is there a restaurant outside baggage claim, BOS Terminal E?

I will be taking a bus from New Hampshire round trip to Boston Logan airport (BOS). The plane will land back at BOS two hours before the next available bus ride. Is there any restaurant option by the ...
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Why are flights out of Boston cheaper? [duplicate]

I was looking at flights out of Baltimore (BWI) to different places; France, Spain, etc. then on one of the bundle sites, it showed the same flight out of Boston (BOS) for less than half the price. ...
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On the Silver Line in Boston

It is indicated here that "Silver Line is FREE from Logan Airport inbound to South Station (including a free transfer to the Red Line)." First, how does the free transfer work? Do I need to have a ...
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Travelling from PHL to BOS to LHR, do I need security check at BOS again?

I am travelling from Philadelphia to New Delhi. The flight is with American Airlines, from Philadelphia to Boston to London To New Delhi. Do I need to come out land-side at Boston airport, for ...
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Carrying Tripod/Monopod through security at Logan airport (Boston MA)

My next trip starts at Logan airport in Boston MA. In the experience of many locals, Logan has been more paranoid than many US airports. While camera monopods and tripods are ok to fly with ...
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Can I prepay for a taxi from Boston Airport to a Boston hotel?

I need to prepay for a taxi from Boston airport to Hyatt hotel. So far I cannot find a company that will do this.
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International / domestic layover [closed]

My cousin is supposed to be arriving in Indiana today. She departed from Mumbai, India, went to Paris and then to Boston. Her Boston to Indiana layover was 11 hours. The terrible part was she got her ...
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How early should I arrive at Logan (Boston) for a weekday late-afternoon flight?

I know that the question of how early to arrive at the airport depends on the airport and how busy it is at particular times. For a domestic flight leaving Logan (Boston) on a Tuesday at 6:30PM, with ...
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