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Also called Kalimantan, a large island in Southeast Asia, shared among Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei.

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How can I learn what border crossing a bus between Malaysia and Indonesia will use?

A few bus companies, including e.g. Bus Asia, offer service between Kuching, Malaysia, and Pontianak, Indonesia, both on the island of Borneo (Kalimantan). Plugging those cities into Google Maps ...
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Bandar Seri Begawan to Kota Kinabalu

We are trying to get into and out of Brunei without flying, similar to Options for traveling from Miri (Malaysia) to Bandar Seri Begawan (Brunei) in 2022. We want to go in from Miri and out to Kota ...
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Options for traveling from Miri (Malaysia) to Bandar Seri Begawan (Brunei) in 2022

After a long period of self-imposed COVID isolation, Brunei reopened to all travel on August 1, 2022. I'm interested in traveling one way from Miri, Malaysia to Brunei's capital Bandar Seri Begawan (...
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Are there regular ferry services between Singapore and any town or city in Borneo?

Are there regular ferry services between Singapore and any town or city in Borneo? If so, which towns or cities in Borneo have such ferry services to Singapore? What is the travel duration?
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Is there ferry service from Vietnam to Borneo?

I saw a question about ferries around Borneo and I'm in a similar position. I'd like to make my way through Vietnam by whatever transportation means available, and then visit a friend in Brunei. Are ...
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Sending unaccompanied bags from Vietnam to Borneo [closed]

We are working in Vietnam in October, and then working in Borneo. We have three weeks between the two jobs and would like to do some back packing during that time. So we would like to send our bags (3 ...
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Differences between Si Amil Island and Mabul Island?

I'm looking at going to dive in the Celebes Sea in (northern) Borneo. And obviously I want to dive at Sipadan Island (yes I do have the required Advanced Open Water PADI). I want some quality time on ...
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How do you prepare for crossing Borneo from coast to coast on foot?

It is on my to-do list. I know a huge and growing part is about palm oil trees. I would like to know the challenges to be aware of when crossing through the jungle, and how to prepare oneself for such ...
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Is December & January a good time to visit East Malaysia (sabah region, Borneo) for its wildlife? [closed]

Area: the sabah region in Borneo (Malaysia) Time: end of December or begining of January Activity: wildlife (Orangutan Center, Monkey Sanctuary, Turtle Island) related Backpacking to East Malaysia, ...
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Are there international ferries between Pontianak/Borneo and neighbouring countries?

I'm "planning an unplanned trip" around Asia starting in about a week and I keep finding out I've got more travel friends around the place who I should try to visit. I want to avoid flying as much as ...
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