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A city on the Rhine in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

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VRS JobTicket: Extension Tickets & +1 Capabilities

The VRS Transit Authority (serving the area including Cologne and Bonn) offers a "Job Ticket" which is a monthly transit pass that is made available to employees working at certain companies. A ...
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Tram tickets in Bonn

I need to take a very early tram tomorrow and I just need to buy which is so called EinzelTicket Erwachsene (1 trip, 1 person) for tariff zone 1b (shortest distance within the city). The problem is I ...
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Public transport in Cologne / Bonn

I'm going to be traveling to Cologne in September, partially to visit Photokina and partially for fun. I noticed a quite extensive tram network in the area, stretching from Cologne to Bonn. Is there a ...
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