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Questions related to Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (IATA: BOM) in Mumbai (formerly Bombay), India.

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Where to spend a night in the Mumbai airport

My girlfriend and I have a layover at the Mumbai airport from 19:35 to 05:55 and we would like to sleep in a cheap place near to the airport (maximum 30 minutes away). Is there any cheap hotel near ...
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How to transfer between International T2 to Domestic 1B terminals in Mumbai?

I will be arriving in Mumbai Terminal T2 on a Turkish Airlines international flight. I have a separately-purchased IndiGo ticket 5 hours later from Terminal 1B (Domestic). In the past I heard of a ...
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Change over from Mumbai international to domestic airport

I am arriving at Mumbai International airport at 10pm. My next flight is at 5:10am from Mumbai domestic airport to Rajkot. I believe it is possible to stay at the international airport over night ...
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Transferring between Domestic and International terminal T2 - Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport

Does anyone know how long it takes to transfer from the domestic to the international terminal at Mumbai T2? My elderly father is making this trip and I want to give him as much information to prepare ...
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Layover time of 30 min for connecting Jet Airways flights

I will be travelling from Udaipur to Bangalore via connecting flights. My first flight will land in Mumbai at 8:15 AM and the second one will depart from Mumbai at 8:45 AM. Both are Jet Airways ...
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Where in Mumbai Airport can I store luggage for a few hours?

I need to drop my check-in baggage (two big bags) for a few hours at Mumbai Airport. How can I safely and securely do this? What options do I have, if any? What costs should I expect? Are there any ...
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Dubai - Mumbai - Mangalore luggage transfer

I am travelling from Dubai to Mangalore via Mumbai on a single ticket, I have to change flights in Mumbai airport after 5 hours in the same terminal, may I know do I need to collect checked in luggage ...
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