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The largest city (and the capital) of the Emilia-Romagna Region in northern Italy.

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Marseille to Bologna [closed]

I plan to visit Marseille and Bologna for leisure in August. What kind of transport do you recommend from Marseille to Bologna? Time is precious, especially in the daytime. I'd like to avoid changes ...
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Wild swimming near Bologna

Where is it possible to swim in the wild near Bologna? I'm not looking for swimming pools but something like lakes or certain river spots.
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Leaving Italy without paying a bus fine

My wife and I got bus fines today in Bologna. We had only recently arrived and had purchased a ticket from where we were staying which was about 6 or 7 km from the city. The hotel receptionist ...
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Bologna to Philadelphia - American Airlines and British Airways [closed]

I am planning to travel from Bologna to Philadelphia. The options available are American Airlines and British Airways. I never fly with either of these two. I have heard that American Airlines has the ...
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Car hire for driving from Bulgaria to Italy

We want to rent a car in Varna, Bulgaria, drive to Bologna, Italy and leave the car there. One driver is in the age range 30-65 and the other 69. Both have full licences. Is this is possible? (Gayot'...
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How late are restaurants open until in Italy? (Bologna specifically)

I am heading to Los Angeles in three weeks but I have an 8 hour layover in Bologna Italy. Unfortunately this layover is from midnight-8am. Is it worth it to leave the airport in search of some ...
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Late night transport from Bologna airport to Reggio Emilia?

I will be arriving late night (scheduled time 23.30) at Bologna airport, and need to get to a hotel in Reggio Emilia. This is a business trip, so cost isn't a big issue - but what are my options? ...
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Swimming pool options in Bologna

(photo by Krzysztof Gapys) We will spend a couple of days in Bologna which will be awesome of course. Such an old city with lots of culture. The weather though may limit our options during the ...
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