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The capital and largest city of Colombia.

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Can I get a Colombian passport in Bogotá, and how long does it take?

I am 24 and was born in Colombia. I left when I was 8 and this is my first visit to Colombia in 16 years. I have a Canadian passport and entered Colombia without a problem. Once it was time for me to ...
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How exactly can I buy a local bus ticket (TransMilenio) in Bogotá, Colombia

I am planning to spend several days in Bogotá, and want to use the public transport within the city (not across the country). Note that his question is not about if this is a good idea or not, or ...
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Is there a night bus from San Gil, Colombia to Bogota, Colombia?

I've searched far and wide (well over a day's worth of searching) to see if there's a night bus from San Gil to Bogota. I need to know because of my flight. If I can depart from Bogota earlier, I can ...
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Bogotá–Medellín by bus

On the map, the distance between the two biggest cities of Colombia doesn't seem that long at first (245 km as the crow flies). Bing Maps Then again driving distance is around 418–539 km according ...
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Getting from Buenos Aires to Bogota [closed]

My partner and I have purchased cheap return tickets flying in and out of Buenos Aires, Argentina 6 months apart. We are planning on travelling south from Colombia to Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile ...
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Where can I store luggage in Bogota, Colombia?

Looking for lockers or other storage places in Bogota where I can leave my luggage for a couple of days. So far I've found out there are lockers in the airport, but I'd prefer something cheaper than $...
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Do Water Chestnuts Exist in Colombia?

Do water chestnuts grow in Colombia? Or is it possible to buy them there? I'm assisting a film crew that's on location for a cooking documentary, and they would like to blend an asian fusion dish with ...
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