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El Dorado International Airport (IATA: BOG, ICAO: SKBO) is an international airport located in Bogotá, Colombia. Not to be confused with wetlands and other acronyms such as listed here:

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5 votes
3 answers

Is one hour enough for a connection in Bogota?

I have a flight from Sao Paolo to Miami with Avianca with a 1 hour stopover in Bogota. Do you know if that is enough time? Do I need to go through customs to get to my connecting flight or can I go ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Flight connections from USA to Cali, Colombia through Bogotá

I'm traveling from the USA to Cali, Colombia. I'm looking at flights and wanted a little advice. For the choices of flights I'll be arriving in Bogotá, Colombia from the US about 6am on a Saturday and ...
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10 votes
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Free yellow fever vaccination in Bogota airport?

I've heard that you can get free yellow fever vaccination in Bogota airport, I'm wondering if I can still do this in Feb. next year?
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