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Questions tagged [black-sea]

A sea in Eastern Europe shared by Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Abkhazia, Russia, and Ukraine.

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Does Abkhazia have sandy beaches, or just pebbles like in Georgia?

A few years ago during a prolonged visit to Georgia I ventured to the most northern beach it was possible to visit, Anaklia, in search of sand. The beach in Anaklia was pretty dirty and not really ...
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How do I explore the Black Sea Coast between Georgia and Istanbul? [closed]

I will be travelling to Georgia (Tbilisi) in June, and then want to go to Istanbul. I would love to see some places along the Black Sea Coast along the way from Tbilisi - can someone please help me? ...
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Crossing the Black Sea (Ukraine to Georgia) by boat - risk of being boarded in a private vessel?

I am planning to go from Ukraine to Georgia crossing the Black Sea, not by a ferry but using a private boat. I would like to know if some people have experienced crossing Black Sea, and if it is ...
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Is it possible to travel safely from Istanbul to Moscow with a UK passport? [closed]

I want to visit 2 great cities, Istanbul and Moscow, but how can I travel safely between them? Does anyone know if it is possible for a UK tourist to travel through Georgia? What about a ferry ...
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Are there any places that serve Korean food in Doi Mai or Mangalia in Romania?

Those who've never been here before might not expect it, but there's something of a Korean presence on the Black Sea Coast within 10km of the Bulgarian border. The main entity is Daewoo Mangalia ...
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Traveling from Anaklia Georgia to Greece? [closed]

I will be in Anaklia Georgia from May 25- July 8 and Wanted to look into traveling to Greece at the end and then Italy from Greece (If possible it would be nice to squeeze egypt in there also). I am ...
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A quiet holiday around Istanbul

I am planning a long and quiet holiday in Turkey, and looking for a cozy city around Istanbul. Since I arrive at Istanbul airport, I wish to find a nice city around Istanbul (less than 200km far) to ...
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Where is the closest free beach where free camping is permitted to Georgia, the country?

When winter is over in Tbilisi and I can start hitchhiking again it would be good to find a nice warm free beach to camp on for a while. I know there is Vama Veche on the Black Sea in Romania, but ...
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What is the price of ferries between Bulgaria and Georgia?

A previous question about Romania and Georgia mentioned that there are ferry connections between Bulgaria and Georgia. Somebody I've met at my new hostel is interested in just a ferry so I dug up that ...
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Ferry connection between Crimea (Ukraine) and Georgia?

Is there any reliable ferry connection between Crimea on Ukraine and Georgia? Does anyone have any information on that?
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Are there any ferries currently running on the Black Sea between Romania and Georgia?

I plan to visit Romania and Georgia this year and would love to consider the possibility of travelling between them on the Black Sea. I know both countries have various ports and have or have ...
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