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BlaBlaCar is a French-based car pooling platform where car owners can share the cost of their car trips by renting up to four seats on their vehicle. Passengers respond to public posting and pay a pre-agreed fee

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Can I take a boxed bicycle from Milan Malpensa to Zurich for a reasonable price?

Is there a cheaper coach than Flixbus? I ideally want to pay less than €30, and am looking for the Italian or Swiss equivalent of Megabus (which is often the cheapest option to travel by coach in the ...
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Is blablacar safe for refugees crossing borders in Europe?

My friend without visa or any documents wants to use blablacar to get from Zagreb to claim asylum in Germany. Does he need to show the driver his passport, and is this a relatively safe and cheap ...
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Car pick-up points in Rome

From your knowledge of Rome city, what are possible candidates for Blablacar pick up points for a northbound transit? I mean the driver has no business to stop for in the city but is traveling from ...
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