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Buddhist kingdom on the Himalayas’ eastern edge

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AirBnB in Bhutan?

According to What are the visa (or any other crucial) requirements of Bhutan for tourists? and a dozen other web pages, tourists are only allowed in Bhutan as part of a US$200 (or more) organized tour,...
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It is forbidden to climb Gangkhar Puensum, but what's really stopping anyone?

In Bhutan, it is illegal to climb any mountain higher than 6000m, but what is stopping anyone from doing it anyway, and how likely is it that you would be found out? I cannot imagine it is feasible to ...
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CCU to PBH - How long before departure do I need to arrive?

I am planning to fly to Bhutan (PBH) from BLR via CCU. This is not a connecting flight and I will be booking both legs of the journey separately. As an Indian Citizen, how long before departure ...
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Road conditions for Guwahati to Tawang in November

I am planning to travel to Tawang via Guwahati in November by road [by taking a cab]. But while googling I found conflicting info on road conditions in November, and some are advising against going ...
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How can I get a travel visa to Bhutan? [duplicate]

I always have been passionate about the beautiful country Bhutan, but after searching for some infomation, I found out that Bhutan restricts the travellers there. So how can I gain a visa to this ...
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Bhutan Tourism - Medieval Places to visit in Bhutan [closed]

Can anyone help me with some historic and medieval places to visit in Bhutan. I am planning to go a ride from India to Bhutan with a group of 8 people. Any other travel tips will be helpful. Our ...
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Does a Bangladeshi citizen holding a multi-entry Indian visa need a transit visa for Nepal

I am a Bangladeshi citizen and have applied for multiple entry visa to India. Now I plan to visit India, Nepal & Bhutan all together. Do I need a transit visa for Nepal?
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What's the best suitable time for rafting in Punakha, Bhutan?

We're arranging a trip to Bhutan at last week of February, 2017. We'll stay one night at Punakha. Want to experience White water rafting there. Is it possible on that time?
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Is there a way to travel to Bhutan without paying the minimum spend rates?

Bhutan requires one to spend $200+ per day in order to receive a tourist visa. Is there a way around this restriction for non-Indian citizens? The comments in the linked post mention two options: ...
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Why 1000 and 500 Indian rupee are not accepted in Nepal and Bhutan?

Why all Indian rupee notes are accepted in Nepal and Bhutan, except 500 Rs and 1000 Rs? Why spare those two notes?
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Is there a 'minimum daily spend' in Bhutan, and does it vary on citizenship?

While reading an article about Bhutan today, I came across this surprising bit: However, visiting the country for Australians is not straightforward. While there are connecting flights from ...
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How well are allergies understood in Bhutan?

I have oral allergy syndrome and I'm going to be traveling to Bhutan in fall. I've encountered a very wide range of attitudes towards allergies in different countries, from totally getting it to '...
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What are the visa (or any other crucial) requirements of Bhutan for tourists?

I heard that access to Bhutan is quite restricted for all people of outside South-Asian countries? Can I have the details on that?
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