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A city and capital of the Canton of Bern, in Switzerland.

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A really really shy question about language [closed]

In four months I'll set off for my first solo travel, at the age of 18. I'll stay in Bern for about 4 days, and of course I'm not enough wealthy for booking in a B&B or a hotel. My only option is ...
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Milano style hot chocolate in Geneva-Bern-Zurich?

I am in Switzerland and looking for a proper, thick hot chocolate, the kind where your spoon barely sinks into :) Something like this: To react to a deleted answer: most of the time hot chocolate is ...
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Alternative hotel locations for Bern?

When looking for a cheap place to stay in Geneva I found quite a few places close to the French-Swiss border especially in Gaillard which are a few steps from the Geneva tram. Is there a similar trick ...
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