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A city and municipality in Hordaland on the west coast of Norway.

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How can I calculate the cost of Skyss bus tickets

I am planning to spend a few days in Bergen area and fiords. I want to use bus services of Skyss to travel between Bergen - Odda on 930 bus or Voss - Odda on 990 bus What I wanted to ask about is ...
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Are there any Taizé worship services in Bergen?

I'm now in Bergen for a few days, and I was wondering if there is a Taizé workship similar to the one I usually go where I live (Rome, see its Facebook Page) Are there any Taizé services in Bergen? ...
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Train tickets for tourists in Norway from Oslo to Bergen

We are a group of Chinese friends traveling to Schengen countries in March and April. Our last stop is Bergen, Norway and from there we will fly to London Gatwick. We understand that Oslo to Bergen ...
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Is it possible to drive from Bergen to Folgefonna?

I'm trying to plan a day trip from Bergen to Hardangerfjorden. I found in another site someone saying Other options, like mentioned before, is to travel to Hardangerfjorden on day excursion from ...
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Bergen and Voss by bike in the end of March

I have a few days off to work at the end of March and I would visit Bergen and Voss. Someone know if is possible rent bike also in this period? ( usually rent a bike and cycling season starts in ...
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What will be open during Christmas in Bergen?

I am thinking to go to Bergen during Christmas holiday on 25, 26, 27, 28 December. I have already checked that train and hostel are available, however I am worried if everything will be closed since ...
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Are there well signed walking routes up the Seven Mountains in Bergen?

According to the WikiVoyage page on Bergen, The city center is surrounded by a group of mountains and peaks known as the Seven Mountains. I've read that the most central of the mountains, Mount Fløyen,...
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Can you see Fjords from Bergen as a day trip without a car?

I gather a great way to see a lot of the Norwegian Fjords is to head to Bergen, and take cruise from there over several days. I'm pondering a much shorter trip (and hopefully much cheaper too!) to ...
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