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The capital of and largest city in Serbia.

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Does the transit at Budapest on a train from Belgrade to Zagreb count as staying in the Schengen area?

I read that you can take a night train from Belgrade to Zagreb (and I confirmed it in the DB website), but it first goes to Budapest, transfers, and then goes to Zagreb. I also know there's a direct ...
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Transit visa for Serbia

On our return to South Africa from Moscow, we have a 10 hour layover in Belgrade. Can we leave the airport to do a visit of the city? Will we need a transit visa for this purpose? If yes, where and ...
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Cheap second-hand bookstores/antiquaries in Belgrade

I am looking for places to buy cheap book (dictionaries) in Belgrad. And I am only going to be there very briefly (travelling through the city), so I would appreciate places you know and not far off ...
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Zagreb - Belgrade train schedules

I know there are also buses between these cities, but I'm trying to find timetables for trains. According to Seat 61, A daytime train leaves Belgrade every day at 11:03 arriving Zagreb 18:11 &...
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Do I need transit visa at Belgrade airport with Indian Passport

I hold Indian Passport and I have transit at Belgrade airport to reach Zurich. Do I need a transit visa? I am residing in Singapore so I will be travelling from Singapore to Belgrade to reach ...
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Train from Belgrade to Bucharest

I'll be visiting Belgrade in April. I'd like to take the train from Belgrade to Bucharest. According to this little article there is such a train starting from December. Can anyone comfirm this and ...
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