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For questions specifically about people travelling with Belarusian passports.

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How can I renew a Belarusian passport abroad?

I would like to renew my Belarusian passport in Canada since it expires in less than two months. There are some problems, though. Belarus recently claimed they are no longer renewing passports abroad ...
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Travelling to EU on Belarus or British passports and Polish permanent residence permit

I'm a citizen of both Belarus and UK and also hold Polish permanent residence permit (10-years "stały pobyt"). The permit card is attached to my Belarus passport (and has "Belarusian&...
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Visa to Mexico for Belarus citizen with a permanent Uk residency

I am a Belarusian citizen, living in the UK on a permanent residency status. Do I need a visa to Mexico?
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Traveling to Belarus with dual citizenship

I will be travelling to Belarus soon and I have this little riddle to solve. I have 2 cizitenship - Czech and Belarus. As far as I know, I always need to show my belarusian passport to belarusian ...
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Applying for UK visitor visa after 3 refusals. Does this case fall under complicated category requiring a lawyer?

My mum's sister is a British citizen. Mum visited her in 2001 and stayed for 3 months, then visited again with me this time in 2007 for 2 months. She was given a visa without any trouble both times. ...
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The definition of 'refused entry at the border' [closed]

I am a citizen of Belarus (non-EU). In 2009 – 2011 I was doing my undergraduate degree in the UK and had a Tier 4 Student visa. In September 2010 I was returning to the UK from my vacation in Belarus ...
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How to receive an invitation to visit South Korea [closed]

I'm from Belarus, currently living in Vietnam. I would like to travel to South Korea, but need an invitation letter according to embassy pages, have turned to dozens of agencies, they cannot help. ...
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Why is the Indian Embassy asking to see a prepaid credit card with $1000 on it?

We have invited a friend, who is a Belarusian citizen, to travel with us for a holiday to India. We live in the UK and will be funding the holiday and arranging the flights ourselves, as our friend is ...
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Belarussian travelling to Mexico

I'm a citizen of Belarus and have an Italian student residence permit. I'm planning a travelling to Mexico, but I'm not sure whether it is still needed a visa for Belarusians or not. I've found some ...
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