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The region near the Baltic sea consisting of the countries Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania plus the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad.

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Is there somewhere to buy used Latvian books in Riga?

I'm finally travelling in the Baltics and hoping to add to my collection of translations of a certain famous novel that I collect. As a booklover and as a person on a miniscule budget, I like to dig ...
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Cheap second-hand bookstores in Vilnius

I will be going to Vilnius this year. As usual, I am aiming to visit places where I could buy used books (mostly dictionaries and grammar books in any language imaginable) in Vilnius. I am not looking ...
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8 votes
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Cheap second-hand bookstores/antiquaries in Tallinn

I am looking for places to buy bilingual technical and specialist dictionaries of any sort while in Tallinn at a good price (preferably used ones). Also I have little idea of the linguistic situation ...
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6 votes
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What trousers/pants do women wear in Baltic cities in winter?

How do women keep their legs warm in Baltic cities? My first instinct is to wear long johns or leggings under ski trousers but is this acceptable if you wanted to go to a restaurant or bar? Does ...
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Is it wise to stay with locals in Estonia, Lithuania and/or Latvia?

I'm planning on going to Estonia (alternatively Lithuania and/or Latvia) and I'd like to experience a normal Tallinn/Riga/Vilnius life. I'm referring to the small thing, such as (but of course not ...
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18 votes
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What is more widely spoken in the Baltic countries: Russian, Ukrainian, or English?

Wikipedia says that about a quarter of total population in Estonia, Latvia are Slavonic people like Russians, Ukrainians etc., and I wonder if Russian is well-understood and how natives treat tourists ...
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14 votes
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Is it possible to get a visa for Kaliningrad in the neighboring countries?

I am planning to visit Northern Poland and then Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. I am thinking of going into the Russian state of Kaliningrad as well. I've read that compared to Russia proper it is ...
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Does anyone have any advice for an English person going to Positivus festival in Salacgriva, Latvia? [closed]

I'm finding it hard to find English-written reviews/advice of Salacgriva or the festival in general. In particular I'm wanting to find out if there's anything worth doing in the town or nearby, what ...
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