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The Kingdom of Bahrain / مملكة البحرين‎  / Mamlakat al-Baḥrayn, an island nation in the Persian Gulf.

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Is it normal to have the same visa and application number as someone else on a Bahrain visa?

Is it usual to have the same visa and application number as someone else? My Bahrain visit visa has the same information as my friend, and I am now suspicious of my visa agent.
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Can Indian Nationals get on arrival visitor visas in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain? [closed]

I am an Indian national, and my family holds USA Visas on their passports. Can we get on arrival visitor visas in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain?
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Can I enter Bahrain via Saudi by road ? Indian passport holder, UAE Residence (work permit)

I am Indian Passport holder. I have UAE residence of 2 years. I have Emirates ID. I am currently in Saudi Arabia with on Business Visit Visa. Can I enter Bahrain via Causeway? By taking SAPTCO Bus?...
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Travelling with a tagged Passport [closed]

My daughter has had a uk passport since birth (28 years) and applied to renew it. She also sent details of her Bahraini passport. After much fuss about names & the fact it was proved she cannot ...
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Is a road trip from Kuwait to Bahrain by company vehicle possible? What is the procedure and paperworks? [closed]

We are planing a road trip from Kuwait to Bahrain by company vehicle and I got many details from here. But does anyone know the rules and documentation for using a company car instead of private car? ...
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Transit at Bahrain for Indian Citizen

I have an Indian Passport with valid Schengen Visa. I booked my return flight from Hamburg to Delhi via Now it's a long multi flight ticket - Hamburg (Pegasus) - Istanbul (Pegasus) - ...
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Can I get a visa on arrival at Bahrain with a new GCC Residence Permit?

I just received my Residence Permit for Kuwait. I am planning a visit for two days to Bahrain and have already booked a round trip ticket. Will the permit be acceptable for a visa on arrival at ...
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I'm transiting from Kuwait to Bahrain by car. What are the conditions of getting a Saudi Arabian transit visa? [duplicate]

Visa for Bahrain is now available online and on arrival. Do you still need to take Bahrain visa in advance to get transit visa for KSA? Does anyone know the telephone/mobile numbers for Waseet agents? ...
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Can an Egyptian visit Bahrain with a residence permit for Hungary?

I have residence permit in Hungary and I am Egyptian passport holder. Can I visit Bahrain without a visa?
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British Airways airport desk & dual nationality [duplicate]

I hold both a Bahraini and a British passport. There is a slight difference ( one letter ) n my first name. To travel from Bahrain to the UK can I show the BA check in desk my Bahraini passport. It ...
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How to calculate when Ramadan finishes?

I'm likely to be in Bahrain close to the the end of Ramadan this year. The problem is people are telling us different dates for when Ramadan finishes. Indeed, the most recent email I've had: they ...
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