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Spouse name alterations on the last page

I have a valid b2 visa on an indian passport. If i make corrections on the last page under spouse name column will my visa become invalid? Do i need to visit the us embassy and reapply?
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Spouse name alterations

If i make corrections to my spouse name column in my indian passport will my current b2 visa become invalid? Do i have to reapply for a b2 visa ? My wife's last name isnt mentioned in my passport ...
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Differences in my US visa type during application

In the DS-160 form, I chose tourism/medical treatment B2 visa, but I chose Tourism/business visa B2 when I made the payment for the appointment. Does this mean the same thing or do I have to amend the ...
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USA - B2 Visitor visa for parents with Indian passports

I am filing a DS-160 for my mother. I appreciate insights on how the situation below can be handled. Her passport has my dad's name without surname (ABC) in the last page under "spouse" ...
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Dependent Contact - Add (user with the specified email already exists)

I am trying to add my mother as a dependent in my father's profile. I canceled an old application and started a new one. While entering the email id of the dependent, I am getting this error message: &...
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Should my mom be added as a dependent in my dad's profile? (Parents are traveling together on B2)

I am currently applying for a B2 visa for my parents. I created a profile for my dad on the US Travel Docs website. While filling it out, I came across a dependent section. Since my parents are ...
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Can I apply in my original country after my CGI federal profile modification request has been accepted?

I had applied for a B2 visa from my home country and scheduled an appointment. I was unable to get early dates, so I requested a profile modification and transfer to another country. While it was ...
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Filling DS160 (B2) for a person (from India) who doesn't have proof of education

While filling the DS-160 form for B2 visa, I came across a question : Have you attended any educational institutions at a secondary level or above? My mother has completed her graduation during the ...
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Entering US on B1/2 visa after previous residence under TPS (Temporary Protected Status)

Main Questions: Should a person who held TPS previously have any concerns with returning to visit the US on a B1/2 visa to visit family? Background info: This person lived in the US for 20 years under ...
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