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I need to arrive in the US before the Annotation Date

I am a medical student, planning to do a 2-month-long clinical rotation in the USA. I applied for a B1 visa, provided a letter of invitation, stating that my clinical clerkships will last from May 6, ...
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Can I travel to the US for tourism with a "B1 in lieu of H1B" visa?

I have a currently valid "B1 in lieu of H1B" visa, which I previously used to enter the US for a temporary business assignment. To be specific, the class is B1, and the annotation is "B-...
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Entering US on B1/2 visa after previous residence under TPS (Temporary Protected Status)

Main Questions: Should a person who held TPS previously have any concerns with returning to visit the US on a B1/2 visa to visit family? Background info: This person lived in the US for 20 years under ...
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