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The Archipelago of the Azores, composed of nine volcanic islands situated in the North Atlantic Ocean.

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We have a trip planned for June 30-July 8 to the Azores need to cancel,

We are traveling on TAP air, can we get a voucher if we cancel due to corona virus 14 day quarantine in the Azores?
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Luggage storage in Santa Cruz das Flores

My plan is to arrive in the city at 11:15 AM, and to stay in Fajã Grande on the other side of the island. The first bus that I can catch leaves at 5:50 PM, which gives me over 6 hours to chill around ...
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Why are the connecting flights within Azores free?

According to SATA Inter-island connecting flights website Under the rules of the air transportation model on routes from Mainland Portugal - Azores and Azores - Madeira, SATA Air Açores is required ...
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To the Azores by ferry

Is there a ferry service from mainland Europe to the Azores? How would one get there without flying? I don't want to take a car with me. I've found ferry services within the Azores and information ...
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Does PIX (Pico airport, Azores) have a luggage storage?

Does the Pico airport, close to Madalena in the Azores, have a left luggage facility?
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Are there ATM fees in the Azores?

ATM owners don't charge fees to withdraw cash in Portugal, regardless of your home bank or card issuer. (Of course any fees charged by your home bank / card issuer, e.g. for foreign transactions, are ...
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Ferries in January in the Azores

I will arrive on Sao Miguel in the first week January. Form there I actually planed to take a ferry to Pico and further to Flores but I cannot find any information about ferries in January. Is there ...
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Which of the Azores islands are your best bet to see whales?

The Azores seems to be a nice destination for whale watching. Most islands seem to offer whale watching trips. Are there islands that are better whale watch destinations, or are they all around?
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10 votes
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How to find accommodation on a multi-island trip to the Azores?

The Azores seems like a very interesting place to do. Most planes arrive at Ponta Delgada, but from there every Azores portal advises to do a multi-island journey. There are a multitude of companies ...
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Is it better to book a car rental in advance, or once I'm in Azores?

We will be traveling to the Azores, but we haven't decided yet on which islands to combine in our trip of three weeks. How does it work on a multi-island trip to the Azores and renting cars? Should I ...
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