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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neuropsychiatric disorder. Aspergers is a form of ASD.

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Is there a way to not be forced to go through the duty free area at Heathrow Terminal 3 for accessibility reasons?

When taking a flight from London Heathrow Terminal 3, all passengers are required to walk straight through the middle of the duty free shopping area in order to get to their gates. This is unlike at ...
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CBP Global Entry/SENTRI interviewing procedures for applicants with ASD?

My family have just received conditional approval for SENTRI, and now are looking at booking our interviews. I am aware that children under 18 are interviewed with a parent present, however one of ...
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Passing through airport security with autism

I am a young adult with autism (Asperger's to be precise). While there are many resources on how to travel with kids with autism, resources on how to do so if you have it yourself are rare to ...
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