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The fourth-largest city and the capital of the U.S. state of Texas and the seat of Travis County. Located in Central Texas on the eastern edge of the American Southwest.

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Is 4.5 hours enough for a domestic to international connection in Newark (EWR)?

I am currently booking a US domestic flight for my trip, and I was wondering about the minimum connection time to not miss my international flight. My international flight is UA 90 which will be ...
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Is there a place I can take a shower in or near Austin-Bergstrom International Airport?

Are there any places where I can take a shower in or near the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport? If so, how much does it cost?
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Can I sleep in the landside section of Austin-Bergstrom airport?

Is the landside of Austin-Bergstrom ever closed at nights/early mornings?
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Celebrating Halloween in Austin, TX, USA

As a Dutch citizen we don't really celebrate Halloween. In movies etc I've seen people go 'Trick or Treating' and go to costume parties. We're both adults, but would love to go Trick or Treating or at ...
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Danger zones in Austin, Texas

While reading reviews about hotels in Austin, Texas, I found some reviews talking about areas struck with crime and drugs, where it is dangerous to walk the streets. I don't drive, and would like to ...
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Non-'adult' activities in Austin (USA) for a bachelor party [closed]

I'll be traveling to Austin, TX for a bachelor party. As none of the guys in our group have been to Austin (and I was only there for a couple days 5 years ago), I'm trying to discover some non-adult ...
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Vantage point in Austin, Texas for photos?

I'm staying in a hostel on the river which has a great view of the downtown skyline of Austin (the HI hostel). However, I'm wondering if there's a tower that's publicly accessible in downtown Austin ...
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