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The Auckland urban area, in the North Island of New Zealand, is the largest and most populous urban area in the country.

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Self connection time Auckland from international to domestic

I'm trying to get a group of people from the US to Tauranga, NZ. Trying to book this as a single itinerary is very expensive and/or incurs large layovers and awkward routings. So I was thinking ...
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Are there any Chinatowns in New Zealand?

Wikipedia says: Chinatowns existed on Greys Avenue in Auckland and Haining Street in Wellington up until the 1970s, and there is a growing community in both Christchurch and Dunedin. Does it mean ...
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Where do I find short-term house share offers in Auckland?

I'd like to rent a room in Auckland for two months starting in mid-January. I have generally liked having house mates, so I'd like to look for something like that. What websites or other sources ...
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Connecting to domestic flight in Auckland (AKL), do I have to re-check-in my luggage?

When flying from Hong Kong to Queenstown, there is a two hour layover in Auckland, changing from the international terminal to the domestic one. I am wondering whether my bags will be checked through ...
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What's a good location to stargaze in Auckland?

I know New Zealand has some awesome spots to stargaze but I won't be able to travel when the next meteor shower happen, so since I don't know the city very well, I was wondering if you guys could help ...
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One-off Maori lesson in Auckland

I'd like to attend a one-off Maori lesson in Auckland. I can find long-term courses and online courses, but I'm after something that's only for an hour or a couple of hours. The lesson should include ...
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Connecting through Abu Dhabi with Etihad and Virgin Australia

I'm looking at a flight from Johannesburg, South Africa to Auckland, New Zealand. The route is Johannesburg to Abu Dhbai with Etihad Airways (EY). Then there is a connecting flight to Sydney operated ...
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Where do I find really fast internet access in Auckland, New Zealand?

I have a ton of data to upload to my dropbox for backup purposes and the wifi at my hotel is just too slow. How would I go about finding access to really fast internet in Auckland? I have been to ...
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Are there any places to snorkel in Auckland?

Are there any good places to snorkel on my own in Auckland? By "my own" I mean getting my own equipment and going to the place without needing a boat. Sorry for the lack of a better term. Warning ...
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Which side of the plane to sit on an Auckland (AKL) to Queenstown (ZQN) flight?

Which side of the plane gives you more scenic views when flying from Auckland, New Zealand (AKL) to Queenstown, New Zealand (ZQN) (and back).
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