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Minors and CDC Attestation requirements

We're traveling back to the US tomorrow and have been asked to complete the CDC Attestation Form. On this form it says minors (ages 2-17) are excepted from the vaccination requirement but are expected ...
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Is the US passenger attestation form a requirement for subsequent entries into the US?

The US has an entry requirement for UK residents (and other countries) that requires every traveller entering the US to fill in a passenger attestation form. I had successfully entered the US November ...
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Do I need negative covid test for transit through France (CDG)

I have booked Santiago, Chile (SCL) - Paris (CDG) - Manchester, UK (MAN) for Dec 30. Both arriving and departing flights from France are in terminal 2E at Charles de Gaulle. However, it's not clear to ...
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Schengen travel with Swiss residence attestation?

I'm confused about the rights of non-EU residents living in Switzerland. Due to the pandemic Swiss residence permits are taking much long to process than they ever would have in the past. In lieu of ...
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