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41,100,000 square miles of water between the Americas and Europe/Africa/the Indian Ocean. In width between 1,538 and 3,450 nautical miles and as deep as 8,380 metres.

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When can I see the Giant Waves in Nazare, Portugal?

I know that the waves hitting the Portuguese coast are the result of larger storms in the Atlantic Ocean. Whenever the forecast predicts large waves and I have the chance I go to Nazare to see those ...
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How I can travel with a 576Wh single‑cell lithium‑ion battery (or 12Ah with 48V) from mainland France to Guadeloupe in the French West Indies?

As part of my work and with electricity becoming completely unreliable in Guadeloupe with power plants being shut down leaving mostly renewable (leaving street lights literally blinking and tap water ...
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How can anyone dare to swim in the ocean/sea-facing beaches with the shark risk? [closed]

I've only watched "Jaws" a few times in my life, but as supernatural and evil as that shark is, the fact remains that people have been eaten by sharks that swim in for a nice buffet at the public ...
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Cheapest way of shipping my car from Canada to Europe?

I am curious about the most economic way to travel from Canada to and through Europe and was thinking to load camping gear into a hatchback and put it on a ferry to somewhere in Europe (e.g. Hamburg, ...
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How can I go from Canary Islands to the Caribbean by sea in October?

Is there any commercial boat? I'm thinking in moving there but I have 2 dogs, one of the survival of filaria, 12 years old, and I'm afraid that if I go by airplane she can die. Flying has many risks ...
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Travel from Europe to Latin-America by boat in November

I am planning a trip to Chile and live in The Netherlands. I would love to cross the ocean by boat instead of flying there. I already checked the option to go by cargo boat, but it is quite expensive. ...
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Getting to the US Mainland From the Outer Banks by Car

After leaving the Bodie Island Lighthouse (see this), I would like to continue south and enter the ferry system operated by the North Carolina Department of Transportation. The plan would be... Take ...
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How can I visit 'Null Island'?

So while Null Island is one of the most 'visited' places on Earth, the island itself doesn't exist - it's a geocoded point added to the Natural Earth map, among others, to indicate the latitude/...
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Travel options from nuremberg to Seattle

I want to have a vacation in Seattle and i am looking for a cheap way to get there. I am aware of flight search engines - and the cheapest i found was something around 1500$ for one week during ...
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How can one visit an isolated island?

If I want to spend a few days on an isolated (but not deserted) island, what are my options? I know that there are several deserted islands near and around New York, New Jersey and Maryland. I am not ...
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What kind of plugs can I expect on transatlantic cruise ships?

When searching for cruises, there are usually descriptions of the rooms you can book but in the list of amenities there is no mention of power outlets. As spending a week or more on the sea requires ...
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Crossing the Atlantic by sailing boat, South America to Europe

For a while now I was harbouring the idea to cross the Atlantic not by plane but by any sort of oceangoing transport, in an attempt to travel slowly, reflect upon my time in South America and getting ...
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