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Capital and most populous city of the state of Georgia, USA.

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Does ATL airport subway enable entrance from East Terminal?

The map's red blocks indicate security checkpoints in the east (Concourse T) and west (Concourse F) terminal. Can anyone confirm from experience, that it is possible for my ride to drop me off at ...
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Atlanta Terminal Change: Domestic to International with Bags

I am arriving at ATL on Delta and connecting to Qatar Airways. They have no "baggage agreement". How do I get from the South terminal baggage claim area to International (F) to recheck bags on Qatar? ...
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International layover - do I need to go through immigration and customs? [duplicate]

I am looking into flights from Tokyo to Bogotá. The layover is in ATL - Hartsfield-Jackson. Do I need to go through immigration and customs if I am not going to stay in ATL or the US? Both flights ...
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US which Immigration line with girlfriend? [duplicate]

Me (US citizen) traveling with fiancee (EU citizen been to the US several times with ESTA) to Atlanta. Should we use the visitors line together or can she go through the citizens line with me? Most ...
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Will the US government shut down affect my 2hr stop-overs in LA and Atlanta? [duplicate]

I am an Australian flying from Brisbane, Australia to Bogota, Colombia. I have 2 stop-overs en route on Saturday the 19th - one in LA, the next in Atlanta. Both are only 2hrs. Because the flight from ...
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Can I check-in and clear security at the international terminal in Atlanta for a domestic flight?

At Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the domestic and international terminals are connected by the Plane Train within the airport's secured area. The few times that I've had ...
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Is a 2-hour connection time enough in Atlanta?

We recently travelled to Salt Lake City from Manchester in the U.K. via Atlanta. We are UK citizens and were travelling under the Visa Waiver Scheme + ESTA for the first time. We had a two-hour ...
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What are the buildings in this photo of Atlanta?

I can identify some of the buildings, but there are a few I'm not sure about. My identifications, plus the 11 I'm not sure of I increased the lighting but had to crop out part of the building on ...
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Tight international connection at Atlanta?

We booked a 3-leg itinerary with Expedia - London to New York, New York to San Diego, and finally San Diego to London. The final leg of our trip is on Tuesday. The flight is from San Diego to London ...
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My family member has never flown, wondering if someone can meet him at his layover and lead him to his next plane

He has a layover in atlanta which is stressfull for anyone but its only 52 minutes and he has never been on a plane or in an airport, can someone meet him off the plane and lead him to his next gate ...
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Are 3h 58m enough time to transfer flights in Atlanta (from Colombia to Germany)?

I'm flying from Colombia to Munich with transfer in Atlanta. The transit time is 3h and 58m. The flight is on Sunday and Atlanta, indeed, is the airport with the heaviest passenger transit in the ...
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Gate pass at Atlanta Hartsfield

I am expecting a 21-yr old exchange student from Brazil at the Atlanta airport. She's flying domestic on Southwest from New York, where she's being put on the plane by the exchange program after a ...
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Is Two hours of transit at Atlanta airport enough to catch the other flight? [duplicate]

Its my first time traveling in USA, and i will be transit in Atlanta airport for two hours. I am afraid to lose the next plane to Florida. Could you please give me any advice what should I do?
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Filming via iPhone in clubs in Atlanta [closed]

I would like to ask if filming/taking pictures using your iPhone is OK in clubs in Atlanta (Georgia, USA) or is it prohibited.
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Montreal - Atlanta travel

I'm preparing a quite long travel and part of it would be to go from Montreal to Atlanta. I've never been in America, and wondered if there may be alternative to plane, preferably cheaper ? I may ...
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Is MARTA a good option to commute to/through downtown Atlanta?

I went on a business day trip to Atlanta last week and noticed there was a MARTA stop next to my hotel. As someone who generally avoids Atlanta because of the traffic, would I have been better off ...
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Two weeks in Atlanta and Athens, GA area

I'm planning a 2 week trip (end of Dec / beginning of Jan) to the USA and I will be based in Athens, GA, but I will move a lot between Athens, Snellville and Atlanta. It's my first time in the USA and ...
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Are there ski resorts that you can drive to in an evening from Atlanta, GA?

A friend (not yet on Travel.SE...) has recently moved out to Atlanta, Georgia, and was disappointed to discover quite how far it is from Atlanta to the big-name US ski resorts. (The perils of coming ...
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