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Questions tagged [asiana-airlines]

A South Korean based airline and a member of the Star Alliance.

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1 answer

Air Asiana canceled return flight while on a trip. How to get most compensation (and a flight)

A while ago I bought a flight+return from Japan to Korea. Now I am in Korea (used the first flight) and have just received an email that my return flight has been canceled (a couple weeks ahead). The ...
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Asiana + Air New Zealand codeshare flight

I will have a flight from Seoul, Incheon -> Tokyo, Narita -> Auckland, NZ -> Sydney, Australia, all in one booking. The first flight is operated by Asiana Airline, while the rest will be ...
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1 answer

Charge for Flight Date Change

Im having trouble understanding the rules. Does that mean changing the return flight will be Eur 90 or free? Cause 4. 1/ states free of charge... Im assuming in case of class change, Ill simply pay ...
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Do I have to pick up my luggage at Seoul Incheon and how many bags am I able to check?

I am flying to Singapore from Toronto. My route is Toronto to Seoul - Air Canada and then codeshare Asiana Airlines from Seoul to Singapore- all booked on the same ticket. I have looked online and ...
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Baggage Transfer from Incheon to Gimpo

I arrive at Incheon on Asiana from London and then have a flight from Gimpo to Tokyo Haneda 3.5 hours later, also on Asiana. Is this transfer time enough and will Asiana check my baggage all the way ...
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2 answers

Do I need to claim my baggage while connecting in Chicago?

I am going to Korea with Asiana Airlines. My initiary is from Montreal, Canada (Air Canada) --> Chicago -> Incheon, KOR (Asiana). I will need to take an ATS to transfer terminals while connecting in ...
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How big can a "personal item" be on an Asiana flight

Basically, I have both a Costco carry-on and a Timbuk2 backpack. I will be on a flight from LAX-ICN-SGN. Asiana says on its website that they allow one carry on and a personal item. I know the ...
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