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What are the taxi options in Aruba?

I'm headed to Aruba soon - what are the taxi options there? Are taxis reliable or should I rent a car?
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Curacao visa on arrival

Can an Indian passport holder, going from Delhi to Curacao to Panama, not having a USA or Canada or EU visa, get a visa to enter Curacao on arrival?
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Aruba says tourists are not allowed to work there. How strictly should I interpret this?

I'm planning a trip to Aruba and so I was checking out the passport requirements. I found them here. Near the top, it says, "During their stay in Aruba tourists are not allowed to work" (emphasis ...
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Visiting Aruba for 10 days between two stays in the US

My Friends are Australian citizens and will be coming for a visit. They want to visit Aruba for approximately 2 weeks, after being in the US one month. When they return from Aruba will they have 90 ...
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What are the best places to eat and have fun in Aruba? [closed]

I'm going to Aruba in December and I'd like to know the best place to eat considering the relationship price/quality. I'd also would like to know what other fun activities you recommend (besides ...
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