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For questions regarding the travel of citizens of Argentina.

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Can I ask for an extension from my ''leave to enter'' stamp in the UK?

I arrived to UK on 19th December 2020, and at the border control after the general questions that why I came as a visitor she asked me for a return flight (It was to Italy for March 2021)the officer ...
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2 answers

Refused to enter the UK, will Amsterdam let them in for an overnight stay whist waiting for a flight back to Orginal Country, Argentina

My boyfriend was detained at Heathrow as he didn't have the right visa. He has a flight booked but has to spend an overnight stay in Amsterdam. Could he leave the airport for the evening if I book him ...
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UlanBaator to Irkut

I want to go from UBator to Irkut in August. I have a passport from Argentina. It lets me enter Russia visa free. Would I be able to cross the border and allowed to ride the train all the way to ...
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Does Fiumicino Airport allow for airside transit on separate reservations?

I have a connection in Italy coming from outside Schengen area flying to outside Schengen area, and I'm wondering if I need to go through immigration and customs in Italy or not. The flights are ...
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