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Questions about visiting sites containing ancient artifacts.

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What kind of photographic equipment is allowed in ancient Olympia?

I am, later this year, going on a cruise that will go to ancient Olympia in Greece. My cruise line's website claims that no professional photo and video equipment is allowed in the site of ancient ...
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Advance tickets for Pompeii

Is it necessary to book tickets for entry to the archaeological site at Pompeii in advance (April 2022)? I find conflicting advice online. If it is necessary, which (of the many, many) sites offering ...
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Where can one observe the Crossrail Skulls?

Somewhat related to this question: Sgian Dubh during the London Social Season, do you have to check it in everywhere? there will be a constant stream of guests in and out for about 2 - 2 1/2 months. ...
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Volunteering for an archaeological dig

One of my main hobbies is archaeology, but very rarely get opportunities to get my hand dirty. What opportunities are there to travel to a location and join an archaeological dig voluntarily? I am ...
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How can I go to Perperikon by public transport?

I would like to visit the ancient city of Perperikon in Bulgaria. It's no problem at all to go to Plovdiv or Kardzali, but are there any public transport from there to Perperikon? How much would cost ...
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Introduction to Roman Londinium?

For students, what is the most accessible archaeological site (and/or museum) for a brief (two-day) study of Roman Londinium?
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Travelling Roman Roads

There is a question on mythical roads in Europe. I think that there are a couple of mythical and historical roads in Europe: the ancient Roman roads. It should be possible to follow their tracks ...
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