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For travel questions concerning the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum and in particular the APEC Business Travel Card that excuses holders from visa requirements for business travel between member states.

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Can India nationality apply for an APEC card?

Can a Singapore permanent residence with Indian Nationality apply for an APEC card?
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Are Letters of Invitation (LOI) required if visiting Russia with an APEC Business Travel Card?

Spinning off from this more specific question: Russian visa bureaucracy is infamous, and one of the quirkier bits is the requirement to have a letter of invitation (LOI) for virtually all visa types, ...
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Using APEC Business Travel Card on the Trans-Mongolian Railway

I'm seriously considering applying for an APEC Business Travel Card, and would like to use it for a Trans-Mongolian Railway journey, entering Russia by air at Irkutsk and China by train at the ...
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Does an APEC card reliably grant visa-free entry?

I recently got an APEC card, with validity for countries like Indonesia & China, which normally have higher visa-requirements for me as a UK passport holder than other countries (no visa-on-...
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