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Earth's southernmost continent, encapsulating the South Pole.

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How to get to Antarctica without using a travel company

I have a dream of skiing across the Antarctica continent. After some research it seems there is no scheduled flight to Antarctica, and the tours out there just reach the entrance of Antarctica and ...
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Dates for travel to Antarctica in local spring

While some Antarctic stations have a permanent crew, for most people who visit the continent, whether as workers or tourists, travel starts in southern-hemisphere spring. In what date range would ...
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Are there any railroads in Antarctica?

I am wondering if there are any railroads in Antarctica. Maybe on research stations, even those shorter than 1km?
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Non-AT country citizen visiting Antarctica by non-AT country registred vessel (yacht) — do I need a permit and why?

My grandfather has been a yachtsman for more than half a century, he is now retired and now has everything he needs to fulfill his dream: sailing to Antarctica. But he is a citizen of Moldova, which ...
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Does one need a visa to visit Antarctica?

What is the status of Antarctica in terms of visa regulation? Does one need a visa to visit Antarctica? If so, which country does issue such a visa?
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Are there flight tours over Antarctica?

There used to be air tours of Antarctica flown by Air New Zealand but unfortunately they have stopped after a crash of a Air New Zealand flight 901. Are there any plans to resume such tours? By ...
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Which countries do you need a visa or permission to visit Antarctica as an Iranian?

It is a complicated and difficult process to get a visa from most countries of the world as an Iranian citizen. Now I want to know that visas of which countries are needed for this reason and is there ...
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How many tourists are allowed in Antarctica at one time?

A user on reddit claimed that only 100 tourists are allowed on Antarctica at any one time. Is there actually a limit or is he misinformed? I know that there are limits in places like the Inca Trail, ...
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How to avoid polar bear in Antarctica? [closed]

I would like to visit Antarctica, but worry polar bear may chase after me. How to avoid being attacked by polar bear?
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What (if any) regularly scheduled airline flights pass over Antarctica?

We were just discussing at lunch if there are any such flights.
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100 Years Since South Pole Expedition - How to reach it as a tourist?

It's been 100 years since humans first reached the South Pole. According to the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators, about 30,000 people visit the continent of Antarctica annually. ...
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How can I visit Antarctica?

A year ago I was reading some magazine, and found out that there is availability to get a trip to Antarctica. Unfortunately, there was no info about how I could get there. Do you know anything about ...
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