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Capital and most populous city of Jordan, a country in the Middle East.

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Bringing alcohol to connection airport

This summer I plan to visit my friends while traveling Sri Lanka and would like to bring them alcohol that is made in my country. I'm aware how much I can bring to Sri Lanka. My question is if I need ...
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Can a booked transit passenger be denied to board on the plane in the transit airport?

I have a confirmed booking from A to C via B. In airport A I am checked-in and my luggage is tagged all the way to C. But I get only one boarding pass for the flight from A to B. The staff in airport ...
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After visiting Jordan, would I be interrogated back in the UK?

Does anyone have a history of being interrogated on entry into the UK due to travel to Amman, Jordan? I have an upcoming business trip there and considering if wise to travel there on my UK passport....
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Denied boarding in Amman for flight to USA via Frankfurt

I have a visitor visa for USA and booked a Lufthansa flight from Amman to Chicago with a transit in Frankfurt. I was denied boarding at Amman and told I have a problem with the embassy. I went to the ...
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Cheapest way of getting from Tel Aviv to Amman as an Israeli citizen?

Is it possible for an Israeli citizen to get from Tel Aviv to Amman for less than $400 (cost of a direct round-trip flight)? I see that there is relatively straightforward border crossing through ...
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