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Largest waterflow and second longest river in the world.

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1 answer

How to take a boat from Iquitos to Santa Rosa/Laticia/Tabatinga?

How to take a boat from Iquitos to Santa Rosa/Laticia/Tabatinga? This is information for those who plan to do the same, as I could not find solid information.
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How does pricing on the Amazon River boats work?

Last week I went from Manaus to Santarém by boat. I bought my ticket in the Manaus port, from a guy standing around the entrance (he looked shady but the Tourist Police told me he's an authorized ...
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Stops on Manaus - Santarém - Belem boat trip

Is there any way to know where / when the boats on Amazon river will stop? Or does it depend on passengers and where they want to embark / disembark? I found information on some blogs that it stops "...
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Boat from Manaus to Leticia: departure days [duplicate]

I want to go from Manaus, Brazil to Leticia, Colombia. Are there certain days the boat from Manaus goes to Leticia or is there a boat going everyday?
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10 votes
1 answer

Crossing the Amazon, route 319

Google shows highway 319 crossing the Amazon River. Satellite view shows nothing there. Is it a ferry? Or just wishful thinking?
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Amazon forest in Colombia [closed]

I will be in Colombia for the first 2 weeks in March and want to visit the Amazon rain forest for sure. I want to take out 3-4 days for it. I will be in Bogota and will probably choose a flight to ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Is it feasible to buy a small boat in Leticia, Colombia and travel down the Amazon? [closed]

Boating the length of the Amazon is a big dream but it just occurred to me that it might not be that difficult. There is a public passenger boat that travels from Leticia to Manaus in four days. That ...
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Travelling to Peru, should I include Brazil in my trip? [closed]

I am considering a trip to Peru. There I will visit Cuzco, Iquitos, and of course Lima. I expect to spend 12-14 days there. I am also strongly considering extending my trip up to 20 days or so and ...
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11 votes
2 answers

Can somebody recommended a tour for the Amazon in Ecuador? [closed]

I'm heading to Ecuador next spring and I'm hoping someone can recommend a good tour that they took and how much it cost for how many days. I've seen some with trekking and canoes etc. My dates are ...
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How can I find a guide who will take me safely through the Amazon jungle?

This was one of our definition questions, but also one that interests me personally: How can I find a guide that will take me safely through the Amazon jungle? I'd love to explore the Amazon but would ...
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