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Allegiant Air (IATA code G4), a US-based low cost airline.

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Tracking On-Time Performance for Allegiant: Why do Flight Numbers Keep Changing?

I frequently use services like flightaware to look up flights I am thinking about purchasing. Under normal circumstances (at least in the US) such as this one, searching for a flight number generally ...
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When will Allegiant open its schedule for December 2018? [duplicate]

I'm trying to book for Thanksgiving, but they are not showing that far in advance. I emailed the company but didn't get an answer.
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When does Allegiant Air add flights?

I've been trying to buy Allegiant Air tickets for an August 20 trip for several weeks now and every time I check their website I see the following: Displaying all available flight dates. Now ...
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May I take a parcel as my "personal item"?

Due to the baggage restrictions by Allegiant Air, I am pretty sure I can't declare my 30L backpack as the "free personal item" (16"x15"x7"). Nonetheless, I may be able to compress the backpack along ...