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A country in Northern Africa bordering Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, Mauritania, Mali, and Niger.

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English in Algeria?

Wikipedia suggests that Algeria is actively embracing English. But an unnamed expat living there warns, “avoid speaking English or any other foreign language in public.” Since all of the other ...
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How/where to submit Spain's visa rejection appeal from Algeria

How do I make a Spain's visa rejection appeal in Algeria, what are the necessary documents? And where I will send the rejection appeal?
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Does an Algerian on pre-settled status in the UK need a visa to travel to France?

My Algerian husband just got his pre-settled status in the UK for 5 years. I am from France and would love to visit my family with him for Christmas. Does he need to apply for a visa as the UK is not ...
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My tourist visa to Algeria was refused but there is no refusal stamp

I applied for a tourist visa to Algeria and it was refused but there was no stamp on the passport showing that it was refused. I asked for the reason of the refusal and they said that it was due to ...
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Why do travel advisories vary so much between countries?

I'd like to visit Tamanrasset and the Hoggar Mountains (see also this question), so I was happy to see that the FCO no longer advises against travel there: Source: FCO. The Foreign and Commonwealth ...
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Traveling in Algeria from Europe [duplicate]

I'm a EU-Moroccan national, and I'd have to travel in Algeria in the future, but as far as Algeria is concerned, it requires a visa for almost every country in the world except its bordering countries'...
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Will having long hair (as a man) cause me problems when travelling in Muslim countries?

I usually have a ponytail, but when my hair is down it's past my shoulders. I have been considering travelling to a few different countries such as Iran or Algeria, but I'd definitely prefer a general ...
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Is it possible to cross the border from Morocco to Algeria?

I have read that the border between Morocco and Algeria is closed. Does it mean that literally it is not possible to cross the border by any means of ground transport (bus, rail, foot)? Is it possible ...
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Application for a UK visitor visa as an unemployed person?

Myself, my mother and my grandmother have been invited to visit the United Kingdom by my brother who lives there. I am unemployed because I take care of my mother and grandmother, my grandmother ...
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Fastest cheap way to get from Morocco to Algeria?

Some friends and I want to go from Fez, Morocco, to Algiers over a long weekend, but flying from Casablanca ($350) is above our willingness to pay. What's the fastest way, cheaper than flying from ...
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Can you identify the town in this William Partridge Burpee painting? Spain?

Can you identify this town? In 1905 the American Impressionist painter, William Partridge Burpee left home in Rockland, Maine and took the White Star steamer Romanic from Boston on October 28 for ...
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I renewed my passport and my Algerian visa is on my old passport. Will this create problems with Immigration? [closed]

I renewed my passport and my Algerian visa is on my old passport. Will this create problems with Immigration?
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As an American, can I apply for an Algerian visa in Morocco?

I'm an American citizen in Morocco. Can I apply for an Algerian tourist visa at the Algerian consulate in Casablanca (or Oujda)?