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Åland is a province of Finland and an island in The Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland. Finnish laws apply but Swedish is the main language.

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Ferry prices in Åland islands [closed]

What is the cheapest way to travel from Sweden to Finland and vice versa with ferries through Åland islands?
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Where is the tax free in Mariehamn Airport located?

I recently flew from Mariehamn to Stockholm but I couldn't find the tax free. Reading about the airport I've found that it's actually excempt from the EU VAT area and the tax free is actually tax free ...
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Mariehamn Airport Transfer

How do you get from Mariehamn Airport to Mariehamn, and vice-versa? When I was flying from MHQ I looked up the distance on the map and decided to take a walk there since it was only 40 minutes by ...
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Can you bring an adjustable spanner on an airplane from Åland?

Apparently I've had an adjustable spanner in my suitcase for who knows how long. On my most recent flight I had to have it tossed away in airport security. This even though I've flown with it many ...
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