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Auckland Airport in New Zealand.

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Is 5 hours and 45 minutes enough for an international-domestic connection at Auckland airport?

I have a question regarding layover time in Auckland airport. So, I bought a ticket from Qatar Airways from Tehran to Wellington via Doha, Adelaide and Auckland. I've read from this forum that a 1 ...
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Baggage clearance requirement when exiting Auckland airport while in transit to Brisbane Australia from US

I am flying to Brisbane tomorrow from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) to Houston, then on to Auckland (7 hours there), then to Brisbane. I am planning to exit the airport in Auckland ...
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Is there an ATM in the international transit area in the Auckland (AKL) airport?

I will be traveling from the US to Sydney soon. I'm flying Air New Zealand, and my flight requires me to change planes in Auckland. Both the arriving and the departing flights are at Terminal I. There ...
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Route from AKL to YVR?

I'm attempting to find out which airline routes exist from AKL (Auckland) (or CHC(Christchurch)) to YVR (Vancouver)? Or companies which fly between those cities, I guess. So far, I've identified ...
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