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Questions tagged [airbus]

For questions about the passenger aircraft produced by Airbus.

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How to reduce anxiety about travelling using airplanes? [duplicate]

I am new to aviation and flying. I have a one hour trip tomorrow on airbus a320 that is making me anxious and sleepless. How can I manage the fear and is it safe or just like the bad stuff we hear on ...
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Differences between row 11 or 12 in Airbus A320?

The rows 11 and 12 of the Airbus A320 look very much alike. I've been sitting on row 11 before I think and I couldn't see much difference between them. Are there any differences between row 11 and ...
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Why are seats near emergency exit on a plane freezing cold?

I was recently flying from Abu Dhabi to JFK in an A380 with Etihad. Probably one of the most modern aircraft. I got the front most seat with a lot of free leg space next to emergency exit (seat 40K). ...
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Qatar Airways Eco Power Outlet A350

I recently booked an itinerary, containing a leg on Qatar's A350. I found an image on seatguru showing power outlets. Did somebody fly the A350 in eco and can tell me if I can use a standard German ...
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Is it possible to fly both the Airbus 380 and the Boeing 787 in one trip?

Would it be possible to compare the user experience in both the airbus 380 and the Boeing 787 in one (return) trip? I don't mind making connecting flights inbetween in other models.
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Where can I board an Airbus 380 using stairs instead of jetbridges?

The international airport of Suriname, doesn't have stairways (yet). Still KLM flies there with a Boeing 747. Making it one of the best places to board a 747. I always have enjoyed walking to the ...
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When I have the choice should I choose traveling on an Airbus 340/330 or a Boeing 777? [closed]

I am looking for options to travel long distance with the family. I have the choice between an Airbus 330 or a Boeing 777. The Airbus appears to have pitch between 31-33 and the Boeing is stable at 32....
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