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A/S Air Baltic Corporation, a Latvian low-cost airline headquartered at Riga International Airport. The national flag-carrier.

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Child travelling with non-relative adult on Air Baltic

I will soon be flying with Air Baltic from London to Tbilisi, transferring in Riga. Along with my family, my friends' child will be travelling with us. The child is 11 years old and will be staying ...
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Airline changes plane, boarding is done by calling names, my name not called, Service insists that I was late [closed]

Today my gf wanted to flight home (Berlin Tegel -> Minsk). She had booked a flight long ago with airbaltic and checked in 1h before depature. When boarding should habe started, there was a plane ...
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Can I have four AA batteries in hand-luggage?

I am travelling from Vilna to Stockholm with AirBaltic, in Europe. I am wondering if you can carry the batteries in the hand luggage.
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To use return ticket of non-used forward ticket with AirBaltic?

I cannot use the forward ticket, but I need the return ticket still. Can you use the return ticket if you cannot use the forward ticket to the destination?
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Induction stove in hand-luggage?

I am wondering whether you are allowed to take the following induction stove in hand-luggage while flying from Vilna (Lithuania) to Stockholm (Sweden) with AirBaltic.
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How many laptops are allowed in hand baggage in European flight?

I am travelling from Riga to Stockholm with AirBaltic flight carrier. I only need my laptops: 11" Chromebook, 15" Lenovo Thinkpad, and 13" Asus Zenbook. The weight is not too much. They all can fit ...
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Is it possible to visit Riga (Latvia) from Stockholm by plane in one day? [closed]

I would like to ask, is it possible to do a day trip to Riga from Stockholm? I found inexpensive flights by Air Baltic for 90 euro from Arlanda at 8.30 in the morning and return at 19.00 or 23.30 ...
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Does AirBaltic require you to print boarding pass before arriving at airport to avoid extra costs?

With AirBaltic, after online check-in, can you print the boarding pass at the airport (at a kiosk)? Or ar they one of those ripoff airlines that make you pay extra if you have not printed the PDF ...
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Layovers in Riga Airport RIX: 45 min possible?

AirBaltic flights are cheap, but you always have a layover in Riga International Airport (RIX). Leading flight resellers offer flights with only 45 minutes layover time in RIX. Is that even possible ...
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