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Air India (IATA: AI), the flag carrier airline of India, and a member of the Star Alliance. Its primary hubs are at DEL (New Delhi) and BOM (Mumbai).

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Visa issuing country and country where the visa applies

I am a citizen of India and an international student in Canada. I am taking an airindia flight from India to Canada and during web check-in, they are asking for both "Visa Issuing Country" ...
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Is Air India strict with checked in baggage dimensions for international flights?

For economy class passengers it is mentioned that 2 checked in bags are allowed but their combined dimensions must not exceed 107 inches. How strict is Air India with this rule? Can I bring two ...
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Is my luggage automatically transferred from Jeju Air to Air India at Incheon airport?

I am traveling on Jeju Air to Seoul and then connecting to Air India. Will my checked in luggage be automatically transferred to the Air India flight or do I have to do it myself?
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