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Air India (IATA: AI), the flag carrier airline of India, and a member of the Star Alliance. Its primary hubs are at DEL (New Delhi) and BOM (Mumbai).

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Travel to India with Indian passport having less than 6 months validity

I have an international flight this Friday (25 Sep 2020) from San Francisco to Delhi. The airline is Air India. I am trying to do web check in (and health undertaking) on Air India website but it ...
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Does Air India provide any compensation for delayed flights?

A flight I was flying on 24th December was delayed in 3 steps, initially 1 hour, then an additional 55 min followed by an additional 15 min. The last delay occurred 5 minutes before the departure ...
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Best way to go from T1 to T2 in Mumbai

I am travelling from Chandigarh to Mumbai (T1) and 90 minutes later I need to catch another flight from Mumbai (T2) to Shirdi. It seems that T1 is domestic and T2 is international. What is the best ...
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"Do not board" message at the airport check-in?

I was booked on a flight for Chicago from Bangalore (India), I have a B1 visa. During check-in at the airport counter (for air India) they guy (who generates the boarding pass) said he gets an error ...
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Taking a tripod on an Aeroflot, Kingfisher or Air India flight?

May I carry a tripod as carry-on luggage or do I have to check it in when on an international flight? Having it strapped to my backpack is fine during my trip but I'm worried it might get stuck ...
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Dubai - Mumbai - Mangalore luggage transfer

I am travelling from Dubai to Mangalore via Mumbai on a single ticket, I have to change flights in Mumbai airport after 5 hours in the same terminal, may I know do I need to collect checked in luggage ...
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