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Aerovías de México, S.A. de C.V. , known as Aeroméxico, with its main base at Mexico City International Airport is the flag carrier airline of Mexico.

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Plane ticket includes train ticket (Europe), what if I do not show up at train station?

I have to travel from Tijuana (Mexico) to Brussels (Belgium) on a business trip. The flight is operated by AirFrance and goes: from Tijuana to Mexico City (Aeromexico); from Mexico City to Paris (...
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Skymiles+MQMs on Aeromexico flight booked via Expedia

Looking to purchase a flight from SFO to Quito on a SkyTeam airline (trying to gain delta status this year!) On the Delta and Aeromexico websites, the cost is over $1000. However, Expedia has an ...
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Getting AeroMexico to honor vouchers

I have two vouchers from AM, each good for a roundtrip flight to or from Mexico City. They expire March 1. AeroMexico says they can be redeemed by email or through an agent (there is no way to redeem ...
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Do I collect bags at MEX when flying LHR–MEX–CUN?

I'm flying with Aeromexico on a single booking London Heathrow–Mexico City–Cancún. Will I need to collect my bags at Mexico City? (I'm a UK citizen, if that makes any difference.)
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Can anyone actually parse Aeromexico's excess baggage policy?

Trying to determine how much I'd pay for 2 bags for a roundtrip YVR -> SCL flight, connecting in Mexico City. My online itinerary just says "no info" for each bag, and gives this link which at least ...
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Codeshare flight by non-EU airline. Am I able to claim delay compensation?

I was on a codeshare flight from Mexico City to Barcelona with a layover in Paris. The flight from Mexico City to Paris was operated by Aeroméxico and the flight from Paris to Barcelona was operated ...
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When Aeromexico's site suggests economy is "sold out" on all their flights between Mexico and China or Japan, does it really mean "sold out"?

A few months ago I learned that Aeromexico has direct flights between Tijuana and both Tokyo and Shanghai. But now I'm hunting around on their site and several flight search engines and can't find ...
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Does Delta give SkyMiles credit for Aero Mexico flights to Cuba?

I've claimed a few flights with Delta. All seem to have gone through easily, except for a TIJ-MEX-HAV flight. I emailed them the details separately, and they said they've put them through manually. ...
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Cardboard boxes on AeroMexico

I am going from San Jose Costa Rica to Mexico City for a few days. I want to buy some talavera tiles and planters. Will I be able to ship them as checked baggage in a cardboard box with Aeromexico? ...