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*Αεροπορία Αιγαίου Ανώνυμη Αεροπορική Εταιρεία*, Aegean Airlines S.A. a Greek airline headquartered in Kifisia, Athens.

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Do I need an Airport transit visa /travelling through Greece?

I am a pakistani passport holder. I am travelling from UK to Saudi via Aegean airlines, having 50 mins stay/lay over at the Athens airport. It’s a direct flight means onward flight is in the same ...
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Is Aegean Air's cancellation penalty for Flex/ComfortFlex applied per booking, per leg, per passenger, or somehow else?

Consider one-way tickets from Paris to Larnaka with Aegean Air on December 1, 2022 for two adults. The website shows a price per adult per ticket (not per leg); if I choose a fare, the doubled number ...
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How can I know with Aegean Airlines if I have Economy Light or Economy ComfortFlex fare?

I bought my tickets from Heraklion (HER) to Bilbao (BIO) with EDreams. I have three flights HER-ATH, ATH-FRA and FRA-BIO, and my first two are with Aegean Airlines. The only information I have is that ...
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Travel with an Italian residence permit

I am an Egyptian citizen. I have a family residence permit for Italy for five years. I want to book a flight from Egypt to Rome Transit in Athens. I want to make sure if the Italian residence permit ...
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Athens airport 1-hour connection at normal walking speed

I booked a flight for me and a friend that goes from Tel Aviv to Barcelona. It connects at Athens International (ATH) and leaves us an only an hour for the connection. That is, the flight arrives to ...
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Which frequent flyer card to use?

I am new to these programs, and my flight is always the Athens-Munich ale re tour, with a Lufthansa flight (booked via the Lufthansa website). I fly on the economy class, with my hand luggage only. I ...
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Booking gallore - Who should I ask to get my Booking Number?

We are going to be flying with Aegean Airlines (great company so far, albeit a bit pricey) from Greece to Munich. This time, I reserved the tickets through a travel agency, but I haven't been provided ...
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Turkish Airline & Aegean Airline Interline Baggage

I'm planning to book the flight route of HKG/IST/ATH/HER in 2 legs. With the first leg being HKG/IST/ATH with Turkish Airline and the second leg being ATH/HER with Aegean Airline. And I have to buy a ...
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With Aegean airlines GoLight how many pieces of cabin baggage? Are seats allocated together?

In Aegean golight if I buy 4 tickets (in golight) how many items of hand baggage can I bring with me? And again if I buy 4 tickets (we are family 2 + 2) is there any way for me to be sure we are ...
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