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Aceh is a province of Indonesia on the northwest tip of the island of Sumatra. It is subject to a wider version of Sharia law than the rest of Indonesia.

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Is there a way to go from Phuket to Banda Aceh (North Sumatra) without a plane?

I would like to go to Banda Aceh from Phuket (Thailand) in early December, but the flight is very complicated and expensive... Is there another way to get Banda Aceh? (boat/ferry, back of the little ...
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How much is a visitor affected by Ramadan in Aceh (Indonesia) considering it has Sharia law?

The Aceh province, in Indonesia, applies the Sharia law all year round. It does impact a traveler's visit whether one likes it or not, as pointed out in What are the restrictions imposed by the Sharia ...
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What are the restrictions imposed by the Sharia law in Aceh, Sumatra?

It seems that Sharia law is now applied in the northern tip of Sumatra (Indonesia). That is, in the province of Aceh. The province of Aceh on Google Map. Does anybody have experience traveling/living ...
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