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Do I need to renew my address registration card in Serbia when changing hotels?

I entered Serbia a few days ago, and my first hotel registered me with police within 24 hours of my arrival as required by law. The hotel owner gave me a completed address registration card signed and ...
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Schengen Visa delivered by France and Proof of Accommodation, but difficulties traveling within Schengen area

My Thai girlfriend has a Schengen Visa with multiple entries delivered by France, with a Proof of Accommodation (Attestation d'Accueil) with my family in France. We made a side trip to Portugal and ...
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Seeking a place to stay in Miami Beach, Florida near or with a heated, outside pool

Are there any outdoor, heated public pools in or near Miami Beach, Florida, either open to the public or at a hotel or private rental? (I think I found one such rental but it was many hundreds of ...
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Accommodation arrangements when you only have one key

My friend and I have been traveling in the past and will be traveling soon again. For economy reasons we will be sharing accommodations. We usually go for AirBnB. The problem with renting a private ...
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