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In the Persian Gulf and capital of both the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and of the United Arab Emirates, within which it is the largest city after Dubai.

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15 votes
1 answer

Is 7.5 hours between flights in Abu Dhabi enough to visit the city?

I found a couple of similar questions, but no one that really answered my question (e.g. Transiting in Abu Dhabi (UK passport) for 20 hours, is this itinerary possible?, Can I leave Abu Dhabi airport ...
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9 votes
3 answers

Sleeping options for ~9 hour stop over at Abu Dhabi International airport

A long trip I will be taking in the future has a stop over of approximately 9 hours at Abu Dhabi International airport, from about midnight through to 9am. Specifically I am interested in the best ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Can I leave Abu Dhabi airport while on a transit?

I am traveling from Pakistan to Bangkok on Etihad Airways. I have a transit at Abu Dhabi of 12 hours. Can I go out of the airport to spend the time in Abu Dhabi? I am holding a Pakistani passport. It ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Abu Dhabi to Muscat?

I will be traveling from Abu Dhabi to Muscat in February this year but I can't find any conclusive information as to whether direct connections (that are not flights) between the two cities exist and ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Transiting in Abu Dhabi (UK passport) for 20 hours, is this itinerary possible?

I'm flying from LHR to NRT on the 28th December, with a 20 hour stopover in Abu Dhabi. I arrive at AUH at 01:20 (AM) and my connecting flight is at 22:10 (PM) on the same day. That basically gives me ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Transit through Abu Dhabi on Etihad

While transiting through Abu Dhabi (AUH), from India (BLR) heading to the US (JFK) -all on Etihad, there's a "pre-clearance" that passengers need to go through. Few questions regarding that: If in ...
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3 votes
2 answers

British Passenger with less than 2 months valid passport transiting in Dubai and leaving through Abu Dhabi next day

I am a British citizen but my passport is expiring two months from Today. I will travel to the UK via UAE. My flight to the UAE is through Dubai but my connecting flight to London is Etihad Airways ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Traveling/transiting UAE with controlled medication?

Could anyone clarify if tourists need to obtain pre-approval from UAE ministry of health to travel with controlled medication (narcotics, tranquilizers, etc.)? I will be transiting through Abu Dhabi (...
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