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In the Persian Gulf and capital of both the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and of the United Arab Emirates, within which it is the largest city after Dubai.

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Visa Requirement for Transit in Abu Dhabi with Short Layover

I'm an Indian traveler who will be flying to Canada via Abu Dhabi. I have a layover of 4 hours in Abu Dhabi and during this time, I need to change terminals from T1 to T3 and recheck my bags. I also ...
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Can I pass through Abu Dhabi airport with phiseptone while traveling to the Philippines?

Can I pass through Abu Dhabi airport with my controlled drug (phiseptone) while traveling to the Philippines? Also can I enter the Philippines with this medication?
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Traveling/transiting UAE with controlled medication?

Could anyone clarify if tourists need to obtain pre-approval from UAE ministry of health to travel with controlled medication (narcotics, tranquilizers, etc.)? I will be transiting through Abu Dhabi (...
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Carrying contraceptives in Abu Dhabi

Can me and my girlfriend (not married) carry on our hand luggages some condoms and a morning after pill in Abu Dhabi or we could face some troubles with local authorities? I heard that in this emirate ...
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Do I need a transit visa if I'm flying through Abu Dhabi Airport with Wizz Air?

I am an Indian citizen and I have a resident permit in the Schengen Area. I am traveling to Abu Dhabi Airport soon. I am arriving on Air India and departing on WizzAir Abu Dhabi 5W7043. I have a 13 ...
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Abu Dhabi Airport: transit visa

I am citizen of Uzbekistan and I do not have any type of UAE visa. I plan to fly Samarkand,Uzbekistan(SKD)-Abu Dhabi,UAE(AUH)-Tashkent,Uzbekistan(TAS) by Wizz Air Abu Dhabi. Transit time in Abu Dhabi (...
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Resting in Abu Dhabi airport

Me and my friend are traveling from JFK to COK and have an 8-ish hour layover at Abu Dhabi. I would prefer to sleep for jet lag reasons. Any recommendations for lounges or sleeping areas?
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