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I applied for a visiting visa (priority) from Japan (where I currently live and work) to the UK for 5 days and it got it denied under provisions 4.2 (a, c, e). I am Ukrainian and before coming to the ...
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UK Visit visa got refused wrongly when should I re-apply? [duplicate]

I'm a software engineer and working as a full-time freelancer since November 2018. I have long-term clients who pay me on monthly basis milestone. It just like a work from home job as well. I applied ...
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UK Visa Refusal-Right to appeal-Glaring mistakes by the Visa Officer [duplicate]

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UK Visa refused twice, should I give up? [duplicate]

I am an Algerian citizen, working as a computer scientist in Paris. I have been refused a tourist visa for UK for the second time despite having strong applying documents, good income, and a rich ...
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After two UK visa refusals, can I apply again? [duplicate]

I have been refused a UK visa for the second time this year. Can I reapply or do I have to wait for a few years before I reapply? I am a Ghanaian. The decision: I have refused your application ...
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Uk visa got refused due to unexplained deposits. How to re-apply? [duplicate]

My husband, my 4-year-old son and I as a family applied for a Family Visit visa last month to visit my husband's sister in UK. For documents we submitted everything that was required (employee ...
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My visa got refused despite showing healthy sponsor bank statements as well as my bank statements [duplicate]

I applied for a UK visit visa two weeks ago and it got rejected on the basis that I had not submitted my own bank statement. I did submit the bank statements of my employer as my employer was sending ...
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UK visit visa refusal today [duplicate]

I am quite confused. I have just been refused a visit UK visa for not showing ties to my home country. Please see attached. I just want to add that: - I have lived in the UK since January 2012, and I ...
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Refusal of UK Standard Visitor visa under v4.2(a)(c), v4.2 (e) and v4.3(a)(c) [duplicate]

I am a Filipino and have just been refused a UK Standard Visitor visa. My husband is British and currently working as a groundworker. It is so frustrating because the officer stated that my husband ...
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6-month UK visa from Russia refused. What to do? [duplicate]

This is a follow-up from a previous question: My girlfriend had a 6-month visa for the UK, which expired in December. She reapplied last week, and this time it was denied. Mainly it seems because her ...
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UK visa refusal due to misinterpretation [duplicate]

I had two UK standard visit visa refusals in this month of June (I am a researcher with one year renewable contract visiting a university in London as part of an assignment from my university). The ...
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Is it wise to re-apply for a Marriage Visitor Visa for the UK after being refused for one given our circumstances? [duplicate]

I am a British citizen and my partner is Chinese. We plan on getting married in the UK in April 2018. However, my partner's marriage visitor visa has been denied with the letter included in this post. ...
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UK Business (Creative - 06 months) Super Priority Visa Refusal [duplicate]

I applied for a business (creative) entertainer visitor Visa because I am an octopad player, performing for 10 years in India. A London sponsor invited me to perform with my musical group in the ...
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UK Visitor Visa refused under paragraphs V4.2 (a), (c) of the Immigration Rules - incorrect decision [duplicate]

My visa has been refused with no right of appeal or right to administrative review, but the this is not clear to me, it has been rejected last time and I had explained all the reason for and provided ...
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UK Travel visa denied due to bank statement (frivolous reasons cited) [duplicate]

I applied for a UK visa (visitor) from India to attend an academic competition in London. The organizer provided the participants with an invitation letter. For my visa application, I used my father's ...
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