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Transit visa in Japan [duplicate]

I am travelling from US(SFO) to India (Delhi) via Haneda airport Japan. If my ANA flight from SFO to Haneda lands at Terminal T2 and my ANA flight from Haneda to Delhi is from terminal T3 , will I ...
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Do Indian citizens need a transit visa for Japan and Thailand?

Two international connections from Canada to India via Tokyo and Bangkok. I am indian citizen and working in canada as i have open work permit of canada. So my question is can i travel to india via ...
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Do I need a Japanese transit visa when arriving at Narita and departing from Haneda?

I am arriving from New Delhi, India (with an Indian passport) on JAL at Narita Airport on July 11th at 7:30 AM and departing for San Francisco on JAL at 12:05 AM on July 12th from Haneda Airport. Do I ...
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Transit Visa for flight connecting through Narita/Japan airport [duplicate]

Vietnamese passport with US green Card. Flying to Vietnam on February 2023. Do I need a transit visa if my layover is 2 hour at the NARITA/Japan Airport
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Do I need a transit visa for Japan? [duplicate]

I'm holding Philippine passport and I'm here in Canada and I'm going to visit my country but I need to stop over in Narita Terminal 1 and next day I'm going to transfer Narita Terminal 2. My layover ...
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Do I need a Japan transit visa to travel from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1 at Narita? [duplicate]

On 12 September at 17:45 I am travelling from Helsinki Vantaa (Finnair AY 73) to Tokyo Narita Terminal 2 and from there to Terminal 1 and then I'm going to Auckland (Air New Zealand NZ 90). Do I need ...
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Japan transit on a Philippines passport [duplicate]

From a non-official source is information that a person does not need a visa obtained in advance to transit through Japan. The main requirement is a ...
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Does Japan impose layover restrictions for travellers from India to the USA?

Are there any restrictions for a layover in Japan when I am travelling to the U.S. from India? I am cleared to travel to the U.S. but not sure about layover requirements for Japan. The connecting ...
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Do we need a transit visa for Japan if re-checking bags?

My wife and I have Filippina citizenship and we will arrive at Narita on Alitalia Airlines at 11 am on 28 Nov 2018, Then, we will get our luggage and transfer to another airlines bound for Cebu via ...
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Route from Thailand to Ottawa

Is there any route that doesn’t need the transit visa to Canada Ottawa? I am Myanmar passport holder.
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travelling from philippines to US with lay over in japan [duplicate]

i read that there is no visa needed for a short layover in japan just want to make sure because what i read was posted few year ago. my parents will be having their layover in japan for 3 hours, going ...
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How much is Transit Visa to Japan

I'm a Russian citizen, currently studying in Canada traveling to Russia and have 16 hrs layover in Tokyo Narita. I know that I will need a transit visa. My question is if anyone knows how much the ...
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Is a transit visa required at Narita, Japan if you're on a multi city itinerary? [duplicate]

I'm an Indian passport holder, long term resident of Singapore and a long term American visa holder. I've always been traveling to the states from Singapore via Narita, Tokyo. However, my most recent ...
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We have a 5 hr layover in Osaka do we need a transit visa? [duplicate]

We are Filipino Citizens moving to Canada via Jetstar and Air Canada. Our flight itinerary brings us to Osaka for a 5 hr layover before our next flight. We'd like to know if we need to have a VISA for ...
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Can a Filipino passport holder travel in transit through Narita Japan? [duplicate]

I’m trying to book an emergency flight for the weekend of May 11th-12th from San Jose Costa Rica to Manila Philippines. I’m unable to obtain an in transit visa through Canada on such short notice. ...

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